Formal Pilgrimage

Or Inhabiting the Resilient Verge of Becoming

Stamps live multiple lives, the life the artist or the maker intended; the usually short life they spend stuck on envelopes as each goes on a journey to deliver a message or a story from one geographical point to other; And the third life as objects of desire in collectors’ albums. This book is an effort to give these objects of ephemera another life.

This is an alternative stamps album that looks at forms and figures in each postage stamp.

According to Gestalt principle the whole is other than [not greater than] the sum of its parts; rather each individual part is equal and of unique importance. Highlighting individual formal components of each stamp, and considering the geographical journey postage stamps go on, in this book we look at the formal pilgrimage from one stamp to another. Every page represents a condition of becoming something else, the next form.

Between each two stamps every page manifests a latent state of existence. The book as a whole represents a constant transformation; the nuance continues from one page to the next hence the book can be read from any page or any end, and there is no beginning and there is no end.

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