The Arabic language is experiencing a devolution in the digital era. This piece portrays the transformation of the daily spoken language as expressed by the current generation of Arab youth.

A play on words, the title 'Ta7‑awol' is the Arabic word for "transformation" written in 'Arabish'—a devolved form of

the language combining elements of Arabic and English. In Arabish the numeral '7' is used to express the Arabic letter 'ح'. The formal manifestation of the piece also involves the transformation of this letterform. 'Awol' is ironically pointing out the gradual fading of the mother tongue.


Continuous change in the lighting of the physical piece allows for a morphing between the Arabic letterform 'ح' and ampersand '&'— a connecting condition in the infecting foreign language.

This project is still in progress. Here I showcase the process and the prototype.


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